Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image


An inspirational documentary that invites viewers to reconsider their perceptions of beauty and body image.


Narrowsburg Union, 7 Eerie Street, Narrowsburg, NY 12764

Date & Time

Saturday, September 30, 2023 at 2:00pm

STRAIGHT/CURVE is a documentary that examines evolving beauty standards in the fashion industry, featuring interviews with various industry insiders and activists. It highlights the shift towards inclusivity and diversity, challenging traditional norms and promoting body positivity, ultimately inspiring viewers to reconsider their perceptions of beauty and body image.

Ninety percent of young women and girls say they do not feel represented in the fashion industry or in media, and that the imagery they consume on a daily basis makes them feel “disgusting” and “less than.” STRAIGHT/CURVE examines the industries and obstacles responsible for this body image crisis and showcases the dynamic leaders fighting for more diversity of size, race, and age.  At a time when the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words, STRAIGHT/CURVE sets out to change the imagery we are seeing and to bolster a movement that is redefining our culture’s unrealistic and dangerous standards of beauty to impact society at large.

Director Biography

Jenny McQuaile is an accomplished journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker who has earned recognition from the State Department as part of the American Film Showcase program. She also directed episodes of THE WORLD CUP PROJECT, a TV series highlighting soccer’s role in social change across 11 countries. Jenny’s media presence includes appearances on Good Morning America and The Today Show and features in VogueHuffington Post, and more. She transitioned to impact producing and has collaborated with prestigious production company Salty Features on various impactful documentaries, such as WHITE NOISEHEARTS OF GLASSINVISIBLE HANDS, and PORT OF DESTINY: PEACE, shedding light on critical global issues and figures.


DOCUMENTARY FEATURE | 94 min | US | 2017


Jenny McQuaile


Jenny McQuaile
Yael Melamede
Jess Lewis


Jenny McQuaile
Melissa Neidich